Egyptian Charm To Return Lover

Egyptian Magick Solution To Return Ex-Lover

What You Need To Know

In Egyptian magic, love is the basis of all power true and strongly founded. The utilization of Egyptian magic in a love magick solution of any form is the beginning of a journey filled with success and an assurance of good things to come.

A number of people have fallen in love and along the way, lost their loved ones. But they have managed to get their love back and found their love lives to change for the better after casting the Egyptian magick solution to return Ex-lover.

It is always an exhilarating experience to feel true love even for just a moment. These moments are rare in our modern life in which love is determined mostly by what other things you can offer to complement the love that you are giving out or promising to give out.

When it comes to the men, a woman will love you and accept you wholly if you are able to provide a home’ this home is a combination of many other things, for example, your home comes with financial security, a car, and assets, among others.

Egyptian Charm To Return Lover

Women need to be proud of their relationships and feel secure that they have fallen for the best things that this life has to offer.

Therefore, if you are a man out there seeking love, bear in mind the fact that the true definition of love is not what you will find in the modern lexicon.

However, this should not dissuade you or delude your efforts whatsoever in your search for love, Egyptian magic is now here to solve most of your love problems.

If you are here this means you have already perused our Egyptian love magick solutions in the previous articles. We take you through the basics of Egyptian magic on both the spiritual and the physical level and we utilize the magical forces that have been in existence since the passing of the Old World (an old kingdom in Egypt).

If you are not looking for love magick solutions that are meant to get you a lover, then your being on this page means that you have been either disappointed by the love you got, you are heartbroken, or you simply are looking for revenge!

Hahaa..don’t worry, whatever you require you have reached the perfect place. The magic here is designed to rebuild a crumbling love life, and amongst the other many things that the magick solutions do, they also bring back ex-lovers, yes!

They seriously do bring back ex-lovers! As hard as it may sound, and I guess you will be skeptical about the results- a person who once loved you and shared a bed with you, can never permanently go out of your life!

I know your magical practitioner had missed out on this point, as most of them certainly do. The biggest secret in the magick solutions to return gone lovers lies in the fact that love itself is magical.

The moment a person falls in love with you, it is a commitment that no soul can renege from unless both parties decide to end the relationship for good, but I assure you that for as long as one lover still wants the other one in their lives, nothing under the moon and beside the sun can hinder them from going back together.

That is the secret! Simple, isn’t it? The magic is not in the magick solution……The magic is in the love! The power to bring back a lover who has left you lies dormant within you, and it is only you who can unlock that potential such that it can work for you what most people call a miracle.

Don’t bother your magical practitioner or magick solution caster, he or she will not tell you the truth of the matter, he or she will make you spend on the magick solution because he will tell you that it is the magick solution that holds all the power required for the magic to take effect!

I hate to be the one to bring the good news (it is bad news if you still want to retain the services of your practitioner!)that’s because the value of your spending on magick solutions has gone up a notch.

The Magic In Love And The Magic In The  Egyptian Magick Solution to return ex-lover.


Egyptian Charm To Return Lover

You will be blessed if you take the time to understand the difference between these two seemingly identical things. This will be the foundation on which you will be able to bring back your lover in your otherwise deteriorating love life.

Love is magical, that’s a line in a song I can’t remember, but I guess the writer unconsciously scribbled that line as fast as the money came in. little did he know that he was on the verge of discovering things that would make life a lot better for all those who listened to the song.

I just wish she was this inspired in the lines that followed. Love is soul and spirit. It is magical emotion that drives above every other emotion known to a man tell me something stronger than love, and I will send you the book.

Let us look at the magic in the magick solution. If you want to know and understand the far-reaching power of a magical magick solution, call me and talk to me.

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Recalling And Reclaiming.

As you go on to start a magick solution to bring back your ex-lover, you will need to cast two power circles and these will hold both the recalling and reclaiming magick solutions.

Recalling involves bringing back the magical touch of love that existed between you and your lover before whatever happened between you two happened.

However, you can successfully recall that magical touch, but you will have to ensure that you hold onto it tightly and it never goes out of your grasp again, this is the role of the reclaiming magick solution.

What you will need for the Egyptian magick solution to return ex-lover.

I will tell you only one thing here that I know you should be aware of, and that is the sacrifice.

Why do I speak of sacrificing?

In a recalling love magick solution, there is some sacrificing to be done. Sacrificing in this magick solution is too important because asking for your ex-lover is no different from asking for forgiveness for a previously committed atrocity.

Egyptian Charm To Return Lover

You will only receive penance if you are willing to lose part of that which you like. The recalling ex-lover love magick solution is a kind of give-and-take magic that cannot be compromised.

However, many practitioners use sacrificing to their advantage and sometimes demand more than what the love magick solution requires.

Thus in many instances, the practitioner will cease the flow of magical power and ask for sacrificing that might be unnecessary.

This is why it is important to be alert and on the lookout for practitioners that you can trust to always work for your best interests and not their own.

The only known magical practitioners who have risen beyond selfishness and have gained prowess in selfless magic can be found at

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He will help you with all kinds of love magick solutions that you require and he will also ensure that you get the best out of the magick solutions performed by you and for you.

Trust the good doctor to brighten your love life with magic that has remained unknown to man for more than a hundred years.

Now we come to the reasons why a flaw may occur in a love recalling magick solution or ritual, and that is the role of the deities invoked in the casting of the magick solution and performance of magical love rituals.

Many Egyptian deities exist and their roles sometimes change depending on a variety of occurrences. It is very common to find that during harvest time, a loved deity will be invoked as the god of bounty.

This renders any love magick solution cast during the harvesting season with the invoking of the known love deity, powerless.

Your practitioner should always be alert to seasonal changes such that the magic is properly aligned to send cues to the deity responsible for the fulfillment of the required tasks. With the above in mind, it is time to venture into another phase in magick solution casting,


What is it that we are reclaiming, and how is it reclaimed?

After understanding the flaws in the first casting in your love magick solution, then you are ready to call back your energy in the previous magick solution and take it and pour it into the casting of the new magick solution.

In this instance, reclaiming and recalling become one and take a single phase which is the “love return” this is when everything is set for you to start the rituals of calling back your ex.

Later on, we shall look at why you need all the previous energies to augment the new energies and how they synergize or work together to bring about the change that you require in your love life.



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