Evading Lover Love Spell

Evading Lover Love Spell

Here it is, the one you have been looking for!, as that lover has been dodging your strikes, so has your search been fruitless as far as you had not met the evading lover love spell.

This is the real magic, this here, is the thing, the real attraction, the charmer and the dream maker. You are about to find love. You are about to grasp that fleeting romance that has evaded you for a long time.

Love has always been there and it is time for you to use this spell to pull it forth and make good of it. We all face challenges in our love life.

Sometimes you see a very beautiful woman or man and you wish they could be yours, you feel like they were created specifically for you, to hold you, to comfort you, to make love to you, to kiss you, and hold you in a warm embrace and assure you that the world is all right.

Evading Lover Love Spell

Despite these fantasies, you are aware of the fact that they will never be yours. This can be due to a lot of different reasons and some of them may be; they are already with someone, they are not interested in you, they are far above your circle, they are too rich or too poor to fit in your current station.

They are oblivious to your lovely and romantic advances, or they can be somehow under the influence of much greater forces that may blind them to the love that you are willing to offer.

With men, since its their responsibility (whoever said this) to start relationships, they feel the blunt edge of it more when their advances are rejected, therefore most of these love spells are cast with men in mind, though feminine ones are also available in plenty at all our our sites and more love spells can be customized when you send us your request at www.strongafricanspell.com.

All modified strong spells can be accessed and used wherever you are in the world. The energy within the spells is a universal energy that is not limited in extension and effectiveness.

In all our love lives we desire to have the wishes of our hearts at any romantic time when the feeling come upon us, and thus, nothing brings more joy as happiness and fulfillment being within your reach at all times.

This is what the love spell cast here is all about. It helps to hold tight and direct the reins of wandering love. It is of little import whether the love being sought for is a greater love or lesser love (though many might prefer the former), all love can be secured.

You look at that person and something within your belly sends a gust of warmth to your heart. With a look at their face, with a touch of their hand, they make you feel complete, yet they are a million miles distant as regards your feelings towards them.

There are those close friends that you may fear to approach with romantic advances simply because you are not certain what their reaction will be.

You are kept in this tentative love dulling state for a long time due to your misgivings, you feel that deep down inside your are ready to offer love but that small voice within keeps on telling you that you are grasping straws and your hope for love is futile.

Evading Lover Love Spell

Because of this tiny voice you feel threatened by your own conscience, you know that you will risk your relationship with someone if you try to offer a much better (according to you) relationship.

Now, this is the role of this magical love spell; it pours more light and love energy into your love advances. Remember all those advances you have been directing to your dream lover have been lacking the required energy to hit their target.

Any love advance that is not augmented by a magical aura will always go unnoticed. Love is something in the human mind that has the ability to create something super natural between two people.

Don’t you ever wonder why people madly in love are always ready to do anything, sacrifice anything for those they love.

That is the magic of love, love is not love without that magical super exceeding touch and that is the reason why  love spells exist; to augment and strengthen love.

The flow of this kind of love energy can only be attained by using the right magic for the right purposes, and this is why you will contact us.

Contact me Dr.Ziba on +256779083902 Or via WhatsApp on +256779083902 or via email on strongafricanspells001@gmail.com.

Through contacting Dr. Zziba you will be on the right path to energizing your intended love life. No love is beyond the magical touch.

Nothing cannot be got by a person who is truly fighting for something worthwhile, love is worth fighting for, and I know once you get to know that unwavering truth, you will have cast the required spell and you love life will have smoothened out enough to make you look back on those days you spent crying for love, and have a good laugh.

Looking at some of the reasons why love might be evading you, we shall truly find out the source of the problem and design the perfect love catching and directing spell for your needs.

Guiding love:

In Guiding Love spells we utilize most of the times, moon magic  and the palm leaf cast in an elemental  shift. The light of mother moon has been known to bring light to darkness, this light is meant to brighten your love life and also make your love advances so crystal clear, that the person you are directing them to has no other option but to notice and feel their intensity.

In most of these spells, most practitioners and spell casters use moon water to add purity to the spell, but this is optional and may be left out if you are not casting a full elemental shift love spell.

After the moonlight, comes the straight palm leaf, in many magical traditions utilization of the palm has been known to augment love spells and much other strength requiring spells. This is based mostly on the strength and durability of the palm tree.

In this case, when casting this love spell, you need to work with strong and durable symbolic items in order to guarantee the success and strength of the cast spell.

The palm leaf holds the symmetry and vitality of the palm tree. This is exhibited in its straight lines and durability even when off the mother plant. This is the fate of true love; in order for true love to survive it should be independent and not holding onto dependant factors that might guarantee its downfall if at all they are in absence.

This is the love that this spell is creating for you. In addition to the values of the palm leaf, it also helps to lay out a clear and straight direction to magical flow.

The straight and strong leaf removes any hindrances in the energy paths and also helps to strengthen the resolve of the spell caster towards attracting the object of his dreams and romantic desires. With the palm leaf in place, now the spell turns to the earlier phase of the elemental shift.

In magic we utilize elements of nature mostly, where some traditions like Wicca have five, white magic sometimes utilizes only four.

It is not a question of which is right, but rather a question of how you use the selected element to bring about the changes you require, and also the strength of the chosen element should also be put into consideration.

The elements in our natural universe are water, air, fire, earth, and soul. Many practitioners and spell casters who reserve their prowess in the enchanting love spells prefer to cast the elemental shift using the water element.

This is because, like true love, water never stops running, and its pure form has no color. Just like love which can never be explained and is way beyond the understanding of people without the magical touch.

The strength of water is in the user’s ability to keep the water under control, just like love. Too much of it in any circumstance can be overwhelming and catastrophic, but in capable hands, it can be used to bring about good and happy life.

Therefore, using the water element elemental shift in a love spell is a desired and incredible undertaking which guarantees continuity of energies in the spell.

However, the love spell that is cast here utilizes the earth element in its elemental shift and I am very happy to take you through the steps of setting up a perfect love ritual that perfectly blends the earth element in any successful love catching spell.

You can visit www.strongafricanspell.com to see more on comparison similarities and differences between universal elements as used in the casting of magical love spells.

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