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What is a ritual?

In all magical traditions which exist, for example the voodoo tradition, the black magic tradition, the white magic tradition, Wicca magical tradition, and the Egyptian magic tradition among others, there exists followed religious practices that are supposed to be observed physically and spiritually by all those who call themselves adherents to the traditions.

These practices may entail the beliefs and teachings of the said traditions. The practice of these beliefs is what we refer to as a ‘ritual’ in magic. Thus, a ritual is a prescribed procedure for observing a magical tradition belief.

Why Do We Call It A Prescribed Procedure?

Many people are confused and rattled by the fact that many rituals in magical traditions have set rules and guidelines that cannot be altered.

This is mainly because these believers are always looking for better and more unique fulfilling ways through which they can reach out to their deities, other than through the ways predetermined.

It is not wrong at all to change a procedure in a ritual, as long as the procedure preferred does not alter the true teaching that it is supposed to go with or portray. This ability to adapt and become better is what gives magic its immense ability to solve daily problems that people face in their lives.

A belief in any magical tradition can be expressed in a number of ways. These ways are what we have called the rituals, thus it passes that there exists multitudes of rituals out there through which beliefs and teachings are expressed.

What Does A Ritual Do Apart From Bringing Out Beliefs And Teachings Of A Given Magical Tradition?

A ritual is a bigger energy channel. Take it as the hot seat of magic. It is the bulwark of magical energy that collects magical energy and then passes it over into other magical practices like incantations, invocations, spells, among others.

A ritual in this sense acts as the store of magical energy. For example, if you are to cast a given spell or perform an incantation, what you will be doing will be part of a given ritual.

You might be required to wake up in the morning, light four colored candles, repeat a short mantra twelve times (three times for each candle), and then say a spell invocation to call out love.

The given procedure is what is referred to as a ritual. The more you repeat the said ritual, the more you will realize that love is catching up with you in life. Hence, the ritual becomes the keeper of energy that does not expire; it is always waiting for you to perform it to release its energies into your love spell.

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Why Do You Need Rituals?

Rituals are part of the magical way. They are present in all traditions that exist in the physical and spiritual worlds. They are the conduits of energy and its guidance.

Take an example of a tree with branches, magic is in the roots, the stem is the magical tradition, the rituals are the branches, and the leaves represent the spells.

Every portion depends on the other for survival and each part is great in its own way as regards working for the survival of the whole tree.

The roots thrive underground and thus are the bulwark for any tradition that decides to build above the ground. This magical tradition that grows, extends its arms through beliefs and teachings that are observed in rituals.

In the observance of rituals a the believers decide to utilize the magic in order to get what they want through the casting of spells, incantations, invocations and many more other things.

There is a lot of background work that upholds a magical tradition and observes that magic survives in the universe both in the physical world and the spiritual realm. Part of this magical intricate and maze, we have the deities or gods. The deities are the keepers of the natural force that drives magic.

We also have the universal elements, these include fire, air, water, soul, and earth. The elements are also a great part of magic that facilitate the observance and success of the magic in the rituals that are observed.

In looking at how some rituals are performed you will notice that some of these elements, as the deities, are also taken as sources of great supernatural power, and they also require reverence in a special way.

The Performance Of Rituals In Magical Traditions.

Are there specific types of rituals for given magical traditions? Yes, there are vast rituals which keep on emerging and changing depending on the ever presenting and elaboration on the known tradition’s beliefs.

You will probably find that in a given magical tradition, the deities are different from those of another tradition. This will in effect change the way that some of the rituals in these two traditions are performed.

Take this example; in the Wiccan magical tradition, we have the earth goddess also called the moon goddess. In any magical ritual for example one that involves casting a spell that works on love and healing, mother earth or the moon goddess is always consulted by the spell caster and asked for guidance and assistance.

However, on the other side, in the voodoo magical tradition we have only one deity, who is Bondye.

Bondye is the god on whom all voodoo adherents base their faith, he is supported by the houndin who are the voodoo spiritual priests and healers.

Thus, in a voodoo ritual, a spell caster may not consult directly with bondye the deity, but he or she is obliged to let the voodoo priest act as the medium, to get his message across to the deity.

Knowing that, now let us look at some of the rituals performed and why they are performed.

Given the kind of life that we live, it has become necessary for magic to become part of our daily lives if we want to succeed in anything we do.

Thus you will find that every aspect in life will require you to have some kind of magical ritual that will get you through it successfully.

Therefore, the magical traditions that exist so far have quite large stores of magical rituals that the traditions offer for the benefit of the followers.

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In the magical traditions that exist we have a number of magical rituals some of which include;

  • Love rituals,
  • Money rituals,
  • Wealth rituals,
  • Job or employment rituals,
  • Marriage rituals
  • Goodluck rituals
  • Court case rituals
  • Healing rituals, and many more.

All the said rituals are meant to touch those independent parts of your life and make it better or turn it more to your liking.

The rituals are performed in quite a number of ways; some are done through prayers called mantras, others involve practical activities as simple as lighting candles, others will require one to use herbs and bathe (most especially cleansing rituals and most of the rituals for blessings), as we go on, we shall look at the ritual levels that exist;

Many practitioners do not talk about the levels at which magical rituals are practiced, maybe because they have no knowledge of their existence, or they do not wish to be disturbed by the rigors of the different levels of exertion at these levels.

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