The Black Magic Ritual Altar

The Black Magic Rituals And  Altar

Black magic rituals and black magic spells as any other magical tradition have their own special dedicated places from where the magical practices are performed.

These magical practices include the casting of spells, the performance of rituals, the enchantment of items, the cleansing of magical tools, the offering of sacrifices, consecrating and charging of ritual tools, among others.

This is sometimes called a shrine in this tradition, but it is not rare to find other practitioners calling it a witching place.

On top of the shrine, black magic rituals have also got specific times when the magic is most strongly felt and thus effective rituals can be performed and the casting of strong spells can be done, this is called the witching hour. We shall get time and elaborate more on the witching hour.

black magic rituals

Right now my concern is to bring to your keen attention the knowledge of the witching place, and specifically to the most revered section of the witching place, and this is the altar.

A black magic altar is a sacred place that is used for the sacred harborage of the black magic deities. The deities in black magic change according to the needs of the different practitioners engaged in the art.

The most important thing you should know about black magic is that unlike voodoo or wiccan traditions, black magic is not a magical sect. in this sense, it does not require followers or adherents.

Black magic is a river of harnessed power, anybody is free to come and collect some water and take for their own independent use. This means that you will not come across believers or worshipers specifically enfolded in black magic.

It is the arts that define a person, thus you can utilize black magic today to procure a certain something, and you will go back to your wiccan beliefs without any repercussions whatsoever.

Therefore, you should always feel at home when dealing with black magic, it is more accommodating and welcoming more than any other magical tradition. The black magic altar is used for quite a number of things among which we have;

  • The placing of offertory; this is brought by those people who are demanding of the force to help them in any form, from the offering of protection from enemies, to the enchanting of good luck amulets and sigils.
  • The sacrificing of blood offerings; in black magic, you will find that a number of fauna are used and accepted as offerings and therefore, it requires a special place that is consecrated enough to hold the souls and blood of these animals as they are being given up to the spirits as sacrifices for the reception of a given magical rituals


  • The consecration and charging of spiritual items; consecration involves prayer and dedication of a given item to the spirits such that it is blessed to be in position to handle the roles it is responsible for, in the same way, charging of items involves providing the said items with the required energy such that their steadiness in the performance of rituals does never falter.
  • The supplication; many times at the altar, people with different needs and desires do present them. Prayers (said by the magical practitioner on behalf of a believer, or said, most times in repetition, by the believer in synch with the magical practitioner), are held in front of the altar in the presence of the deities or the spirits, this is the only sure way of ascertaining that whatever you have asked for will be given unto you.For rituals in front of the altar you can talk to me and I will guide you in the performance.

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Cleansing, Consecrating And Charging The Altar Before casting the black magic rituals.

The altar in the witching place or the shrine is a very crucial place for the eminent success of any rituals performed therein, therefore, it is of great importance that the altar is prepared with the utmost care because any slight mistake in the preparations can cause a magical backlash that has the ability to alter the path of magic and cause unforeseen negative results.

To this effect, we turn to the steps and the things done when you are preparing the altar. The first thing we shall look at is;


Cleansing may be present sophistication to a novice ritualist, but nonetheless, it is simpler than it sounds. At times taking a broom and doing a maintenance check does almost amount to cleansing.

The only difference here is that the broom used is first dipped in the blood of a ram (for a black magic altar dedicated to a masculine deity), or a sheep (for a black magic altar dedicated to a feminine deity or goddess).

Before you start sweeping the altar with the broom, you will need to sprinkle water that contains juice from the leaves of the dark de’de. After cleansing and rotating around the altar seven times while chanting the cleansing mantras, you are now ready to consecrate the altar.


Consecration of   black magic rituals takes two forms, the spiritual consecration and the physical consecration. With the physical consecration, you will get a combination of black powder, ash and salt, and make a circle of this combination around the threshold of the altar.

black magic rituals

You will then make connecting lines from the five magical corners of the circle to the altar points. When this is done, you will place a red candle at the five points where the magical lines touch the circle of ash.

That is physical consecration. When we come to spiritual consecration, what you are required to do is mostly rotating around the altar repeating mantras that are in prayer form and spreading out your hands over the altar at every magical point of intersection. With the completion of consecration you now end with charging the altar.


Charging the altar is the last and simplest task to be performed when preparing the altar for magical rituals. It only involves lighting the red candles placed at the points of magical intersection.

The only trick here is that the candles are to be lit in an anti-clockwise manner, therefore be aware of that. I wish you success as you take this step in black magic rituals and successful spell casting. Reach me if you desire guidance on the above procedures.

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