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“O skies, you cry for me but am still lonely.

O night light, you shine in the darkness, but I dim in loneliness.

O lamp of heaven, you burn but my pain still does shine;

For companionship has me forsaken;

To wander on this road one and forgotten.”

 Translated from the Traditional Ritual Lyrics of the Circle of Magic sect.

Why Love?

The song above is done by a lover whose sole purpose in life has been defeated, and that purpose is to find love. It is uncertain if the person in grief is a man or woman, but what is evident for a fact is that he or she has been denied the chance to experience the beauty and bliss that come with finding love.

The person admits to the universe and the four most strongest elements that make up the universe (water: represented by the skies, Earth: represented by the road, fire: represented by the sun, and soul: represented by the moon or night light), that he or he has done everything in his or her power to find love but he or she has failed.

The song is performed as a chant in most love spells and love rituals that are performed by people who have given up on love and are calling upon the gods to aid their plight of finding solace in new love.

You might wonder why such a melancholic tune is performed in magic which is supposed to be filled with hope for something better!

The truth behind success in magic lies in submission and truth. Whenever you are to start a spell, you will not just wake up and organize the altar, say the magical words and wonders manifest!

In issues for example like love, emotions are always upbeat and it is very easy for distractions to occur in magical energy flow if there is lack of control. That is why as you go for magical spells and rituals, you are always advised to perform cleansing rituals(link) that purify you at both the spiritual and physical levels.

When you admit that you have a problem and know the source of the problem, you make it all the more easier for the penetration of subtle energy through your being and thus ease the work of effecting change.

This explains why the first part of the song of submission dwells on admission and the last part dwells on acceptance. These are some of the basic facets of traditional magic.

They light a way for performance and guide spiritual energies in the search for rivulets, passes, and points of intersection in a magical enchantment. If you need to talk to a practitioner who will help you overcome a love problem in your current life feel free to talk to us.

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The Dream Spell Of Love.

You have acknowledged that you have a problem, let us see what this might be; you have an ex-lover you want to bring back (although this is easily achieved, but in some cases is not recommended.

You will need to consult your practitioner for energy mods to verify if the person you desire to bring back in your life matches your spiritual and physical orientation for a successful relationship);

In addition you might be looking for fresh new love, this means you have either experienced love before and it was not to your satisfaction, or you are a novice in the field but you want to avoid heartbreaks and disappointments along the way.

This love spell is meant for those who want to attract the people they admire to fall in love with, in fact if you go for this dream love spell, it is very easy to attract lovers as compared to any other magical form.

Why is this so?

This is so because, the sub-conscious realm holds a lot of energy more than the physical world when it comes to the manifestation and physical realization of conscious desires.

What the reality needs is just a little magical push to manifest your dreams in the real world. There is nothing you cannot achieve with the right magic, assisted by the right person.

Contact me Dr.Ziba on +256779083902 Or via WhatsApp on +256779083902 or via email on strongafricanspells001@gmail.com.

And consult with a professional spell caster and ritualist who will bring your dreams into real life manifestations.

What You Need For Successful Dream Magic.

One of the most important things that has to be available at the initiation of any dream love spell is the water element.

Water is the best mirror that represents our spiritual selves and that is why it is most preferred and most effective when it comes to the casting of spells and performance of rituals that enchant the surreal realm.

As you go for a dream spell, collect some water in a container, this can be moon water or any other form of magical water (magical water is enchanted water; talk to Dr. Zziba for the best enchanting spells and mantras in this tradition).

The water element is also known for one other great aspect when it comes to the casting of magic spells, and that is its calming effect. This quality is only subordinated by the earth element which also bears some calming qualities but not as too pronounced as those of the water element.

As you go to sleep at night after the enchantment has been performed (as you will be directed by the magical practitioner on +256779083902 or Whatsapp +256779083902) you will place the magical water directly underneath your bed in the position where the head touches the pillow.

The power in the water is meant to collect your wandering energies embedded in thoughts and physical movement, and organize them into one force that brings vims of free energy that saturate your body and spiritual being, and calms your senses in the process.

This is the first step in conquering and harnessing the magic that is meant to produce change in your dreams and ultimately in your life.

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