The Witching Love Hour


When do you know that the right time to do some love spells and magic has come?

The answer to this question is what am about to reveal to you. Love is an emotion that takes us a lot and it is best experienced at those times when almost everything else is silent and at rest.

This means that in order for love to pass its bliss through every vein of a person embracing it, all other emotional wheels must be in sync.

For example, sometimes love will make you laugh out loud, or it will make you cry due to nostalgic feelings that come with it. You will never know how the experience will leave you, it might rejuvenate you and leave you a new being, or you will probably crush under the heavyweight of love.

It is always sensible to be ready and in acceptance of whatever love has to offer.

Magic performance on the other hand entirely varies from one magical tradition to another. You will find that in a tradition like Wicca, love spells are performed in sync with the movement of the moon in order for them to be imbued with the blessings of the moon goddess.

This is unlike the voodoo and hoodoo love spells which can occur either at night or in the day depending at which time the spiritual manifestations are more strongly felt.

In white magic there are things you should know in selection of the witching time and they are explained as you read on;

The Requirements Of The Love Spell.

Sometimes some love spells have unique characteristics and thus will require you to use some elements that manifest strongly at given times of the day or the night. For example, the spell to return an ex-lover will require you to perform it during the falling rain.

The symbolism in this kind of casting is that as the water element returns back to earth from whence it had left for the heavens, even your lover will return to you soon, as fast as they had left you.

Therefore, that time in which the rain falls and the love spell to return a lost lover is cast, is the selected witching hour.

The Emotional Stance Of The Spell Caster.

We have already said that love is one of the strongest emotions in existence and in its strength it is a source and drive for most other emotions, thus, in the casting of a love spell, the spell caster will wait for that time when he or she is most emotionally stable.

There are times when too much emotional attachment can greatly disrupt the power of a spell, but there are also times when emotional detachment from some aspects of the variables in the spell can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the magic therein, and this will lead to realization of undesired results.

To explain more on this; there are some love spells for example the love attraction spell(link), which require a spell caster to be in tight concert with the love variable in order for the magic to fully saturate the ritual.

If at any time the spell caster is deterred from the feeling or aura of love that he is intending to create, the magical attraction cycle will be broken and this will require fresh setting up of the spell.

On the other hand, when you are casting the love breaking or recalling spell, the first part will require your full attachment whereas the second and final part of the casting will require detachment.

Magic is easy and rewarding but also sophisticated sometimes, therefore, you should always be aware of the changes that are part of it most especially the emotional trances in regards to the kind of love spell that you are casting.

The Energy Paths And Ripples.

The universe is filled throughout with the magical force. It is its breath and source of sustenance. It fills humanity and nature with beauty and life, and also thrives in the unseen realm of the spiritual or supernatural.

Such a force needs to be harnessed at the points where it pulsates most strongly, and this is what magical practitioners are responsible for. They note these areas of magical concentration and grasp the bridles of power in their spiritual hands.

For a practitioner to be in position to get hold of the right magical power, he or she should be in possession of a magical compass that directs in both physical and spiritual time to power hot spots. These hot spots are called Magical Power Clocks.

In that hour when the clocks strike the most, you know the magical energies are at their zenith. It is at this time that these energies are bridled by the magical practitioner or healer or ritualist.

Talk to your magical practitioner and inquire about the right time to tell when the magical energies of love strike on magical power clocks. This will greatly help you to select the witching hour that is more perfect for the casting of the love spells that you want.

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The Elemental Drive.

We have seen how the water element is used in a spell to return an ex-lover, however there are four more other elements that require your attention on how they are used in the selection of the perfect time to cast a love spell or engage in a love ritual.

Some elements like mother earth are most active during the night, so in the casting of love spells that involve things like leaf selection, earth mixing, burying, etc, you will need to select the night hours.

When we look at another element like fire, this one is mostly associated with the sun and candlelight, therefore the witching hours for a love spell that involve this element can go from day to night time.

When the sun is at its hottest, you can cast a love spell, and during the night when a flame from a red candle fills the room, you can select a witching hour and cast some of the strongest spells known to man.

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