Voodoo Protection Spell

Voodoo Protection Spell

As in liturgy, voodoo thaumaturgy goes a long way when it comes to the protection of believers (the physical and spiritual self), and in the protection of the believer’s property (assets and liabilities).

When I talk about a voodoo protection spell and the extent of protection magic its influence when it comes to the defense of oneself and his or her property, is so immense that the magic required itself extends beyond simple casting and delves into committed and deep soul reaching rituals that are meant to bring out the inner strength of the spell caster.

It is on this strength that the protection ritual and voodoo protection spell gain momentum, and it is still on this same energy that the foundation for powerful magic is laid.

Protection magic in voodoo bears similarity in resemblance to hexing or attacking magic; though in this context hexing might be a little overboard. These are the foundations of protection magic: in order to defend yourself well, you must be very cognizant of who or what is attacking you.

This means that, if you want to cast successful and effective protection spells, then you must know how to cast successful and effective attacking spells which might include hexes, evil magic, among others.

However, this does not imply that you must have once cast an evil or attacking spell for you to cast a protection spell. There is a very big difference between knowing and doing when it comes to voodoo magic.

After understanding this, then you have to ask yourself these questions; do I need protection? What am I protecting myself from? Who am I protecting myself from? Which kind of protection do I need?

There are many other questions involved in protective magic , but for now the above are the areas of attention, and they are going to be the measuring stick with which we choose the spells we want to cast and how we want to cast them. Let us start with the most obvious question, and that is;

Do You Need Protection?

Voodoo Protection Spell

The answer to this question is written in the very fabric of the universe! everything in the physical world is wired to cause both happiness in the same measure as it causes grief, therefore you should endeavor to be aware that as much as you will come across instances that bring you more joy, you are still very vulnerable and open to the things that will cause you immense grief.

So, yes! You need protection. Don’t try to look for someone to blame for the bad things that happen, that is natural order. It is through this order that the infamous universal balance rotates. Good is balanced with evil, thus where you will find solace, you will find menace.

Therefore voodoo comes along to offer the much needed magical protection that is meant not to stop bad energy from existing in the world, but to block this bad energy from finding a way to you. This explains then why you need protection, most especially voodoo protection.

What Are You Protecting Yourself From?

Isn’t it just too obvious…!!? Hahaa…don’t fret, I know you probably don’t know the answer to that ‘obvious’ question, so let me let you in on a little secret….you should protect yourself from everything and from everyone!

Now you are confused, don’t be! Look at this; you have a wife who loves you, but she is also in love with someone else, so in her bid to protect her love for you from demise, she will cast a binding love spell which is meant to keep your love for only her desires.

In this spell, you will be blinded from the view of all other women who might have caught your eye. In such an instance, the spell is not cast to bring you harm, but it is meant to make you do something that brings satisfaction to another person! Isn’t it just too good a use for magic!?

Ok, now it’s your turn to wonder if you are ready to live a life that can be controlled by other people whenever they want to. Magic is real, and its uses are multifarious.

Magic works in ways you cannot believe and it is not that selective when it comes to who it is supposed to work for. Do not hesitate, talk to me right now and we see how you can protect yourself from those who might want to cause you harm and those who might want to use you for good, using voodoo magical protection spells.

Contact me Dr.Ziba on +256779083902 Or via WhatsApp on +256779083902

Here we come to another important step in voodoo protection magic, what kind of protection do you need? At this point there is a bit of a hiccup, why?

Because this is where most people fail to choose what kind of protection they want or end up choosing the wrong kind of protection. In totality, there are specifically two forms of protection magic in voodoo and these are; physical protection and spiritual protection.

We previously saw that spiritualism in voodoo is held in the highest regard and that a true voodooist sees a spirit in even the very inanimatest of physical objects, to this effect therefore, it is no surprise that even when it comes to the protection of life, voodoo takes everything in stride.

All aspects of the universe and indeed the whole universe is capable to be cast under the magical protection of voodoo tradition, if the magic is handled by professionals in the tradition in the right ways.

Voodoo magic has the ability to touch the spirits of those things that people take for granted in the hours and minutes of our living. Voodoo magical tradition gives us the option to choose between the two forms of protection herein, you can either be the spiritual goer or the physical one.

What Do You Base On To Select Which Kind Of Magical Protection Spell You Need?

This step here now entirely depends on the kind of threat you feel more exposed to in the universe. There are quite a number of people who are more threatened with unseen forces in the spiritual world, and they believe that everything that happens to them in this life is a result of some supernatural force that they have antagonized.

These kind of believers most of the times experience nightmares and other frightening visions in their dreams or unconscious state of minds. These kind of believers most of the times decide to cast protection spells at the spiritual level.

Voodoo Protection Spell

In direct contrast, there are those believers who see threat in the physical, they distrust the people they interact with, they are suspicious of the physical objects that they come across, they see shadows lurking behind closed gates etc..these kind of people will most definitely go for the physical protection spells.

However, everything spiritual according to voodoo, has its origin in the physical, thus, a person who casts a spiritual spell is more likely to find more peace at night if he augments the spiritual spell with a physical protection spell.

This does not imply that a spiritual protection spell alone is not powerful, still it doesn’t hurt to get more protection.

Under these two existential magical spells, we have underlying kinds of protection spell that are designed for specific individual items. For example, you will find that a person requires to cast a spell of protection on his assets, on his or her business, on his or her children, on his or her house, etc.

Protection spells in voodoo can be cast on almost anything that you may desire to safeguard. This is possible because voodoo allows that everything has a spirit, a spirit that is in constant need for protection!! That’s why I love voodoo! It offers more when it comes to protection than all other magical traditions combined.

We saw earlier that in order to cast a successful protection spell, you might have knowledge of the attack spells in existence. It is an old standing maxim that calls upon those suspicious of war, to know their enemies.

This involves studying and understanding all the techniques that your enemy will use against you. You do not learn these techniques such that you can attack better, you do learn them such that you can protect yourself better.

That is the way of voodoo magic, it is embedded in our daily lives and it is as old as human wisdom itself. Learn the casting of protection spells-and cast these spells for yourself- from the best houndin(voodoo high priest) who still retains true voodoo power in his ritual staff.

There is no voodoo traditionalist, ritualist and healer as more amassed in the voodoo magics as Dr.Zziba himself.

Contact me Dr.Ziba on +256779083902 Or via WhatsApp on +256779083902

He will act as a guiding light on your magical journey to discovering true defense from forces seen and invisible. Good luck as you come to work with the best.

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