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Voodoo is one of the magical traditions that has been around for more time than history books have recorded so far. Spirituality or spiritualism in voodoo is recorded at greater lengths as the foundation of the belief and all its systems. To that effect voodoo takes on and operates on a level of spiritualism that is way beyond the cognition of humans.

Many adherents to the tradition have tested the power of spiritualism in their lives at a very high level that they have totally given up on any other form of presence be it physical or otherwise.

The origin of spiritualism in voodoo: As a tradition in magic, voodoo operates on the principle of “Being”. The state of being in voodoo transcends what is seen by the naked eye and reaches deeper into what most people call the “mystique”.

However this should not confuse a believer because mysticism and spiritualism are two concepts and entirely different in application when it comes to voodoo.

In the earlier stages of the magical voodoo tradition, the dead were revered and greatly considered to be in possession of powers that could ultimately determine the fate of the living.

In voodoo, death is not considered as a complete passage into non existence, rather it is a transfer of the magical energies that sustain a physical body into a much more complex form, and that is the spiritual form.


This transformation is universal and takes place on every person whether that person is a believer or not. That is the first foundation of voodoo spiritualism.

The second foundation is based on the existence of power beings or whom most call deities, in a more absent like form. A voodooist believes that the unseen energies of the world join these supernatural beings to condescend into the ultimate power force which is known as magic.

This magic, moves on planes that are not visible to the eyes and thus they are believed to work together with the transformed spirits (talked about earlier), on much the same spiritual level.

Thus, this makes almost all voodoo magic spiritual in nature. This explains why you will find that all powerful voodoo spells have a spiritual ting in them, and this should not surprise you because spiritualism is the root of voodoo energy.

Another more complex foundation of voodoo spiritualism is embedded in the silent existence of all nature loving and non living.

A thorough study and look into voodoo beliefs will show you that as a religion voodoo takes animism on an entirely different level, and the way it teaches it to adherents is none like any other tradition.

Everything that you see around you has an inherent power that gives it sustenance, that is according to voodoo. Nothing in the whole universe stands as it is, there is a force behind everything known and unknown to man.

From the wind or air we breathe, the fire within and without, the earth plain old earth, the waves as they come crushing to shore, plant life and every animal that survives through strife, everything has that unseen ever present force behind it.

The immobility of objects should not deceive the eye, according to voodoo, as to the absence of life. Every aspect of nature is as it is in a spiritual form far or less greater than the other, (we shall talk of spiritual greatness and change in spiritual levels later on as we delve deeper into voodoo tradition).

As seen voodoo this ceases to be a religious system beyond our grasp, it is and has always been a part of us. Even when we are unaware, the present of voodoo is always around to come to our assistance or help us in any way it can in times of dire need.

Voodoo resides not in the physical but in the spiritual, a tree is a tree to the eye, the spirit of the true requires belief in spiritualism to be identified and related with.

This kind of spiritualism has placed voodoo high among magical traditions that require complete faith in the unseen if a believer requires to attain full enlightenment in the tradition.

The Benefits Of Voodoo Spirituality:


The voodoo beliefs tapes-tried in its endless magical chain give us the believer’s insight into what lies beyond life as we see it. Many times we are limited in our comprehension of real life because we judge everything by what we can see and touch. At this crucial stage, voodoo comes in to give us a closer look into what truly is, regardless of our beliefs.

A true adherent in the voodoo tradition will ultimately learn and accept that a given kind of shrub contains a lot more spiritual energy than a human being at times.

When we learn of inherent spirituality, we learn to respect every part of nature as we see it. It is very easy for a non believer to disregard any other thing not human, under the false guise of his or her being greater than the latter.

Voodoo guides us to know that the common spiritual energy and forces that drive our finite physical and infinite spiritual existence, is the same force that guides all other things in the natural universe.

In the performance of rituals and the casting of power spells, voodoo comes as a blessing to those with spiritual atonement.

Most magical spells, especially those cast to effect change in a more changed dimensional state, require one to be greatly endowed with enough spiritual energy in order for their successful casting.

Voodoo as a tradition that deals with rituals and spells helps one to cast spells on almost every aspect of seen and unseen life. It is my task as a voodooists and ritualist in the magical practice of the tradition, to take you through all rigors of spell casting both in the physical world and the spiritual realm.

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My role as a voodoo priest is to examine life on different levels, control physical and spiritual energies, and provide solutions to all problems faced by a believer as we work together with the believer.

A spiritual life is the one gift that voodoo offers and no other tradition has the ability to offer to its adherents. With the rate life is moving, sustenance of a purely magicless life is becoming harder and harder by the hour, lifespan has dwindled to trifles and the best one can achieve is a short good life.

However, voodoo spiritualism ensures that you receive a satisfactory life in the physical and your bliss is extended in the spiritual realm. The voodooists is never beset by worry of unhappiness or shortage in this life, and is never skeptical of bounty and happiness in the next (spiritual realm).

As far as voodoo tradition is concerned, every good thing in this life can be achieved through acceptance and adherence to the tradition’s demands. Who does not want to have a next life spiritual in nature, and endowed with all the beauties both known and a mystery.

Lastly, voodoo as a magical and spiritual tradition fills all things with a vibrant spiritual energy that pulsates in every fiber of their existences.

This creates a sense of oneness and common aim when it comes to spell casting that requires an infinite bond (a bond with no power limitations on what it can achieve), between a spell caster and any item that might be required for the process.

Many spells in most traditions which give little space to spiritualism tend to extend their ability to deliver results to greater lengths of time, but the acknowledgement of spiritual power in all items gives the voodoo tradition an advantage over others, in that, a person casting a spell is able to interact directly, on a spiritual level, with the spiritual forces of every other item that is part of the spell.

This realization gives the spell immense power to do what the practitioner directs and what the spell caster requires. This is one of the reasons, and almost the number one reason, why voodoo is considered as one of the best traditions out there when it comes to the achieving of magical results.

As we go on together on this magical journey of traditional voodoo, I implore you to take time and try out my voodoo spells and rituals, they are a great manifestation of the power that lies underneath the physical.

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The good doctor is available to talk with you, work with you, and help you in getting the best out of this life which looks hard on the physical level, but is filled with the unexploited goodness underneath, on the more advanced and surreal spiritual level.

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